Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sometimes you may wonder...

What exactly do people do with time when they have it?
I will tell you.

They play hide and seek with
adorable nieces...

Jacie (4): (Running out of the hallway) Where is Granpa?
Her Dad: Jace, do you get how the whole "Hide-n-seek" thing works?

Maddi (17): Ok Jace, I'm gonna count now.
Jacie (4): Ok, but count slowlier so I can run upstairs and hide!
(Where exactly?)

They finish books that apparently have a fear of being read...

Every time I had attempted to finish the 7th Harry Potter this year, I was thwarted! I would curl up with a blanket and then realize I had wretched amounts of homework or something lame like that. Even the second I pulled it out last week- on my brake- while at home- I found myself cursed. A loud car alarm went off outside and I hear "So long, farewell, blah blah blah blah Good buh-eye....." from the other room. Lets face it kids-- who can read with that all that "Sound o Music" crap happening?! But I finished it. Loved it. And I have to say that J.K. makes me happy inside for resolving the chord.
I hate unresolved chords.

They do awesome things with cute friends that they haven't seen in forever like chick Christmas parties or Crepe nights.

They go to lunch twice with some favorite and most adorable people...
And maybe go to that favorite restaurant (Gecko) no less than 4 times.

My driving buddy and I are back on the road today... and off to have a few more adventures- in Vegas- and then to the P-town. One real semester left. Hyzah!

Thank you family for the fun and the food and the bonding and the laughing and the love and comfort and hugs and breaks and swigs and shopping and laughing and game-playing and cuddling and movie-watching. and baby-waiting... and all that stuff that makes me homesick for you when you are not around. I love you all.


  1. What a fun post! We miss you already. (Sing IT) Our door is always open, to a girl who needs a break. Your room is always ready. So take the hint. Wink. Awesometown=population you!

  2. Going to Gecko wouldn't be the same if we went every week. So, I am glad that you aren't living here because then the lunch trip wouldn't be as monumental! So, make a few trips this semester (or more than a few) down to M-town so we can hit up GG for lunch with the madres. Loved it!

  3. Loretta and RichieJanuary 8, 2008 at 11:10 AM

    Thanks for loving my girls! I'm so glad you had some good times back home:) We miss you already.

  4. i'm there at gecko anytime. just promise no more pictures! have a great "last" semester. and hurry home.