Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week in review

New Year's Goals:

I went to the Gym
4 times this week!- three of those were to a yoga class that makes my body happy.

I am one week closer to graduating and starting my senior project that just might kill me over. (which involves
directing a show, so I will meet that requirement shortly)

I became an aunt, again! Cute Makenna Camille Moffat was born on Thursday Jan 10th. (I guess I helped to
expand the family.... I am related to them.... and without me I don't know that he would have ever asked her to marry him.) Ok that is bullhucky-(another phrase my mom uses occasionally I still don't understand.)

(Unrelated to the goals) I went and saw a movie that I absolutely loved and adored. My review is on the other blog. I will be owning this hilariously witty and brilliant movie the very second I can.

...And I told some kid that he was ugly with his long Jesus hair and that he should cut it. And I may or may not have mentioned that his hair isn't even the reason I wouldn't date him.
(And then I blogged it.)
I guess I have
353 days left to retrieve my long lost tact.


  1. sounds like you're right on track ~ goalwise. congrats on the gym and niece. and, btw, not so sure you'd be you if you totally found the tact. that's what makes you really funny. so, i might not be routing for you to succeed in accomplishing that particular objective! sorry . . .

  2. Yoga is awesome, isn't it. It's exercise that doesn't feel like it--just my cup of tea. And nice try, but McKenna does not count. XO

  3. SO after going on the long journey down your blog, I realized, I miss you. Pretty sure you were here and completely avoided me. I am offended. HAha jk I love you and it looks like you and your friends had a blast and your family and everyone! You need to inform me when you will be here next so we can laugh, sing, grub, shop, and play with our sunday shoes at the cafe.