Monday, November 26, 2007

Time... what about it?

I am done.


It is
so over.

The show was a good time, but I'm done done one to the next one. (No, not another show, but just life for now). My next big project isn't until next semester, calm down. (Ok I will).

The sad news is that my life is used to good company 6 days of the week. My head is used to having cute hair that never went flat and eyelashes that were not my own. Oh and the free large nightly swig product...

I will miss some of my people too. This one, Brightonface, is one that I love. She was my other half in Charlie Brown and then we got to play more. I am so lucky. (She will hate this, but ya know that girl on Parent Trap? The one that gets honey all over her in her bunk bed? That's her. She's famous see.)
And I will miss looking like this: (stenogs)
I will miss the awesome costume party that was really a 5 minute version of America's Next Top Model... awesome black diva Lita included:
This one here is Janell.... she is basically my new best friend. I usually acquire one a show... she won this time. I can't get enough of her so we are now going to begin our nightly regimen to to gym rather than the theater that didn't do the body justice like we thought it would.
This is in the speakeasy... where I was a manhandling skank for 10 minutes... also awesome:
The people:
(Shayla and Brianna)

(Ami- obviously cooler than me)

Basically I am going to miss the people. I loved this cast. We were like family instantly. Saturday night was a little emotional as we left because I know I will not see a lot of these people much at all if ever. We also decided that we all should have lived in the 20s. The costumes were so much fun and the wig tempted me daily to just hack it all off... I still might...
The only problem now is: What do I do with all of the free time I have? I have so much to do.. and so much time to do it in.... I think I would rather be in a show actually!

Is it only Tuesday?
That's good because it touches Wednesday and that is basically the middle of the week so it is pretty much over... ok.
I might be able to handle this.


  1. The wigs: totally believable. You would look so cute with that bob n' bangs. Love the Foo quote at the beginning and love that you have a famous friend.

    I can't believe you know Mo/Hilary! Isn't she the greatest? Give her a kiss from T. No, really- do.

  2. that ALMOST looked like it would be fun, except it looked like lots of work and sort of no-life-ish. happy for you that you loved it and that it's over now and you can be a human again, until your HUGE project that peg told me about for next semester. WOW! {picture me forming those letters with three fingers on each hand surrounding my wide open mouth - did that make sense?}

  3. Love the pics and glad you had such a great time...although I have to agree with stephanie and add that we didn't see you as much during the play and I am selfish.

  4. Meg! I am so glad you found me. K, I hope you are seriously considering bobbing your hair like that because it looks adorable on you. I'm serious! It looks like you are staying super busy up there, how are things going?