Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Moment of Thanksgiving/ A note to my dad...

I have to say, this year's Turkey Day was pretty low key. I enjoyed the relaxation of chilling at an unfamiliar home, eating someone else's food products, and then sitting in a jajoozie to let my body get happy for the first time in months. I will give you brief, yet awesome highlights from the day:

* Sleeping in until around 11 (due to long and awesome cast party the night previous)
* The therapeutic drive to Rich and Lo's (involves lots of loud singing)
* Jacie phrases: "What the..." and "My dad drives faster than my mom!"
* The beer bread (to which I obtained the recipe). That stuff is addicting...
* The drive home with the girls(which included a car-wide 10 minute laughing session over the girls' excitement about a single house decked in lights-- awesome.
* The afore mentioned jajoozie time.
* Talking to my best Asian friend who makes me smile...
* Laying awake thinking about how great my people are. I love my family and my friends- they are all so good to me.

The other moment of the day, was the moment that I realized I am a horrible daughter. The whole week I was thinking for some reason that my dad's birthday is on the 27th... alas- it is not. (It is the 21st) I guess I don't remember the last time that the birthday came before Thanksgiving- but again, it is very possible that I am a selfish human being who doesn't notice things like that. And I have a bad memory as it is (as family and boyfriends could attest to).

I am a daddy's girl- I will admit it. Few people can bring a smile to my face when I just think about them. My dad always will. Few people can bring me more comfort than he can. He is so patient and and humble and he loves to make his family happy. I would not be able to do anything that I do without him.

What I love about my dad, the things that make me smile, and why I am grateful he is my dad:

* He loves my mom. I have learned more about how I want to be and what I want to marry by watching my dad take care of my mom. When he dances with her in the kitchen, watches chick flicks, or holds her hand.... I am so glad that I got stuck with these two.

* Dad and I used to have a nightly ritual that went a little something like this: Dad is watching something and sitting on the couch (probably Emeril or MASH). I would come and cuddle up next to him for a bit, and then he would disappear to return with a carton of Mocha Almond Fudge and a pocket with enough spoons for him and me and any other guests around. With a silly grin on his face, we would eat almost whole cartons together in one sitting.

* He's just a big boob. Dad will cry at the NCAA championship while they cut down the net, and the next day cry at the end of Pride and Prejudice. He can't hardly talk about his family or he is a goner... which I guess is the case for me too, but on a grown man it is just so darn cute.

* He whistles. He is a fix-it man. And he whistles while he works. His Saturday afternoons are usually occupied by his "honey do" list, or projects he's started. When I was little, he would let me come with him to the hardware store- I loved that. He will usually fix something, screw it in, tighten it up... and then pat it and say, "that's not goin anywhere!"

* Dad is the reason for my love of some old school music that he still always put on in the car on family trips. I now can't go on a long drive or to the lake or beach without James Taylor, Huey Lewis and the News, or Kenny G.

* And he loves to take care of people. I know he takes care of me. If he would let me, I would spend the next 5 years worth of pay checks to pay him back for all of the help he has given me... but he takes care of me in other ways too. Wise words and advice from dad and bishop.. blessings and prayers and hugs and kisses and love... A lifetime of debt I am in.


  1. very nicely put, but at 3:43 am you really should be sleeping! you crazy college kid . . .

  2. What a great tribute blog to Dad. We had fun with you on Thanksgiving too! Take care of yourself:)

  3. That was awesome. What dad would not love to be honored in that way. He will love that!