Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Round em up

I have been thinking about single college life... and I think I have figured it out.

It isn't too complex. Wake up, three times, finish homework and read lots, talk yourself into eating healthy for the few minutes before dashing.
Glazily endure some over-excitement about some literature you thought you understood a few minutes previous.

Then there is the cattle movement every 50 minutes or so.
You are a number.

Translation: We have drama. All kinds of drama. There is girl drama and boy drama, "Oh my gosh I am getting married in exactly 57 days- look at my ring that I made him spend $5000 for the 17th time" drama. "I am never graduating...." "I already have an 8 page paper of death." "I was having flashbacks from a horrible something and didn't even do my homework!" Whatever.

People everywhere are getting married, or just got married, or just met some guy yesterday that they will be engaged to in a week... drama.

Then there is the other facet to my dramatic non-secular school experience: the fact that I am a "drama" person myself. I live in the building where weirdos roam, and I know I have become one of them. In that enclave, there is even more excitement about even less exciting things. No, come to think of it, I didn't watch every episode of That 70s Show... so I wouldn't know.... What? No, I haven't seen a single episode of the American office... yes me! And step off- I am still reading the last HP wonder... I give- I am illiterate.

Kids. Drama.

I find that I long for the 10 minutes of feeling like a herded cow so I can avoid having to deal with all the extra drama around.

Long story short. I think my ishuffle is a tender mercy.


  1. Drama...... Hmmmmm. Well drop kick that, girl, the drama I mean. We all function better when we sleep and eat right, get a little exercise and listen to our "music" once in a while. Smiles and happy thoughts for a drama free day!

  2. Luv ya megs.

  3. I think the technical name is iPod shuffle. Not to add drama to the discussion.