Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My weekend of NOT Laboring...

This past week I have gained two new roommates, whom I love, that I am sure are feeling ultra excited about living with crazy-face me. (But even as I speak my roommate is introducing me to the "pajama dance"- so perhaps I am in good company!)

Instead of attending the first football game of the season on Saturday, I got to do this...

and there is nothing I would rather have done...

I was going to go to SLC on Saturday and spend Sunday with Rich and Lolo and then decided to stay in P-town....which means I actually was in town, when I told my ward I wouldn't be. Right.

My bishop gets up to do the whole "bear-his-testimony-thinger" before everyone else does, and his voice gives a little lurch as if he's going to get emotional and he says, "Where is Meg Moffat?.... Ah there she is. She is the designated one to slap me around if I get emotional." (This isn't entirely true. I taught him how to think of heavy machinery though... I guess that is similar enough.) Another friend of mine during his testimony says, "Who is that again? Oh-- Meg. I might need her in a minute or so."

Then there was a new Sunday school president called, so I leaned over and mentioned that I was actually there, though I previously was going to be absent. (This, of course, because I teach...) So when he gets up to announce the schedge, he says, "There will be two gospel doctrine classes and the Prep for Life is canceled... though the teacher who wasn't going to be"

I got teased for getting called out 3 times... and so it goes.

Then of course the birthday party was definitely such. Cameron is obviously a better dancer than anyone I know... and she can even do it in an obnoxiously over-sized yellow skirt- something I still struggle with every time.

And this is what I did for NOT Labor Day: (remember that this is an apartment of college kids... this isn't necessarily the work of a housewife... though I think good practice...)

The bathroom...

It makes me happy that I could use some of my favorite pictures from New York and DC.

The living room...

This house
will further benefit from the IKEA trip that will be happening shortly, and we are looking for one of them aged clocks (small) to add to the wall of randomness. And yes, yes that is a chalkboard on my wall... I think it's cool.


  1. Cameron is a hoot! Love the new decor. Thanks for the update.

  2. Congrats on the new roomies! What are their names? The brunett looks familiar. Was she at BYU freshman year?

    Love the decor. So simple, so awesome! I definately don't have an eye for those things. The empty frames- brilliant!

  3. Love the decor Your mom gave me your blog address Lovin it