Thursday, September 13, 2007

My media moment...

I have not felt very creative lately, but I have been working on another blog for a class of mine. The class is called "Media in the Classroom" and I have to keep a media log of everything I view and read--very easy for me. Media has everything to do with the way we communicate and how we relate to people... and lets face it- 85% of our lives. Here is somethin to chew on:

I was at the gym. My gym is now souped up with flat screens everywhere and you can watch whatever you want on your own personal cable TV as you run. I know... think football...

I couldn't find anything that jumped out at me until I landed on "The Biggest Loser." This was the navy/military wives edition or something and they were battling for total percentage weight lost over the other women. They had a coach that told them what to eat and a basic diet plan, but they have to do most of it on their own. The point is that most of these women have even had surgeries done and couldn't keep the weight off. The women have to do everything on their own and have their own willpower and determination. This is where the fact that they are on a time limit and that it is a a competition really helps.

I decided that I love this show. I found myself so inspired and uplifted by it that I forgot I was running! When the coach would tell them positive things and shout "see look what you are made of" I would instinctively run faster- it was perfect to run to!

I couldn't help but compare this show and how I felt about it to all of the other "makeover" shows and "top model" shows. This one builds good habits and helps the individuals learn how to make life changes rather than attempting to let them be changed for them. It was almost emotional for me as each woman got off the scale and realized what she had accomplished with all of her own hard work. (I love the positiveness of everyone working as a team rather than the skinny Beotch teenagers all living in one house and constantly shouting at each other over nothing.)

Then I noticed that half of why I felt so moved was because of the music in the background. The music was sort of sappy and manipulative as each woman weighed in. It was a bit like a Mormon movie when you get to the end and everyone is crying...yes- part of that is a spiritual moment, but the other part is the brilliance of audio editing. Nevertheless, I was still inspired and proud of the great idea to uplift so many people. Everyone leaves feeling beautiful--and I am all about that.


  1. Meg! We are definitely TV buds. I religiously watch and love that show. It's like I have to do something athletic- especially during the commercials when it's on. Can you believe that old man lost 31 lbs in 1 week! CRAZY!

  2. I do like the spirit of the Biggest Loser. I think you(generic) have to get behind it on many levels, IN fact I want one of those trainers standing guard in my kitchen and monitoring my morning walk. Just don't forget though, the Black Team, they are always out there!

  3. Megan Moffat?! HEy girl, how are you? I found your blog on Kelly's - and of course I had to look! You are still cute as ever! I hope you are doing well, just thought I'd say hi! I like "the biggest loser" too, the only problem is that I am usually eating while I watch it, maybe I should try to run at watch it at the same time! YOu have given me more motivation!