Monday, July 16, 2007

My HP Review...

I would like to say that despite all of the pre-concieved ideas i may have had going into this movie- I loved every minute. My artsy-fartsy film and theatre types in my classes that are "way to critical of movies to enjoy that teenage crap" can eat my shorts- it was the most artistic of the five, and I have never seen the three kids as they are in this one. There acting has improved so much from the beginning of this adventure, and we are more invested in their characters now, that they felt the most like Harry, Ron, and Hermoine than they ever have. Beletrix was spot on- exactly what JK woulda wanted. Serious was charming and warm and the relationship between he and harry is well developed in the time that they had to do so. The queen bee of the film, Professor Umbridge, was everthing you hated about her in the book-- she does a beautiful job of being so obviously hatable and pink and squealy. You hate her the second you meet her, and then it just grows until the most liberating moment of all of the movies when the Weasleys take over! The crowd went wild and as they should have. The fight at the end between the light and dark side was much better than the Yoda and whoever fight in Star Wars. (The radical one where he flies all over the place...) It was a fun ride. There was a few things that they left out- obviously- the book is 800 pages long! And the Serious death is kinda out of the blue, but the aftermath of the death is great.


  1. OK loved your review. I have been hesitating to see HPOOP because people were saying that it didn't follow the book and it was darker than needed, Harry was so angry. Well, I liked how you handled those topics and more. Thanks, So now...I'll go, I'll go, I'll go.

  2. Well... if you remember the book though- he is angry-- and that's the point of this one. I think the books get darker and this one felt the darker of the five when I read it- I think you will like how they keep him human and dark... so- make the boyfriend take you- great date... I enjoyed that date... with my roommates...