Thursday, July 12, 2007

4th of July in DC

This was one of the most eventful Independence Days that I think I have had in a very long time. What a long day... it was great to be in DC... to see some of the monuments and be at the mall during all the get your bag checked at the 2-mile barrier line...and the best part- the 122% humidity. I felt like a man the entire day... sticky. (Oh I guess that is overgeneralizing and calling all men greasy...the point is- women should glow--not need buckets to catch all...) We got to see a few places I hadn't seen before, and some that I have. This is the pen for all of the trash that might escape in the events of the day. We can't have that now can we! We met up with friend Kevin Smith- who decided he needed to purchase something ostentacious in lieu of the day, so we did while we were in Old Town. Old Town was cute- but a long walk on a wet day. We ate at some po-dunk pizza place that screamed AMERICA, and then we set out to find a place to enjoy the show. The show was pretty great, but peg says that the Macy ones on TV were better... unfortunate. So long story short, DC is great, and DC is great on Independence Day... but we could've stayed in and watched a great one on TV. At the end of the day we stood waiting for the metro to go home and we couldn't stand. Four days of just walking and little sleep left us with literally shaking legs.

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