Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cause I am the keeper of heath tips apparently...

In case you are feeling a little sluggish and that you need to get around more there are a few things you can do to if nothing else motivate you to get off your...butt: (I promise you these are hypothetical, I haven't had experience with them to know...)
* First, go sight-seeing. Have a great reason to have to walk around for a few days... until you are sore- nay shaking.
* Brake your car, on purpose- something important like your air blower...or turn signals would do- or both- something to leave your inefficient mechanic dumbfounded. In fact- if they take a week to keep your car- this will work great...
* Be busy- not just like "I have a lot of things to do"- more "I have a lot of places to go that are all a few miles apart..." That is the only way...
* Watch shows like "Big Medicine" and "America's Next Top Model" both are inspiring and will cause you any guilt for being too lazy to walk. (Big Medicine is great by the way- a fat people medical center and huge surgeries that insurances wont pay for...)
Now that you have a lot of time, and you will be walking without the hope of ever seeing your car again, and have a renewed fear of getting huge, you will have a new appreciation for walking even moderately long distances! This is great because it trips your mind also to think that you are exercising...you won't even feel the need to go to the gym that is closed for the next month anyway!!

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  1. I am taking your advice for my "heath". My health too. I don't need the being stranded or, because of the 114 weather, need a sightseeing walk today. But I really do love to walk, no strut to major tunes with a great beat like Dreamgirls discomix of "One Night Only". Try it! Might take you mind of all that other health stuff you warned us about. Wink!