Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Coming from one who usually spits on politics...

I will have to say that the world is obviously changing... that's really all I know about politics. But it doesn't take any "Poly Sci" degree to realize that the US Presidential election is starting to turn into one big Student Body Election. The You Tube debate yesterday, seemed to be quite successful...that is, if the point was to get the general population to care a hint more. This makes the general public feel almost like they have a say, so that they can voice their opinions--as it were. The other great thing is that it looked like that was what they were doing- giving the people a say... while also eliminating a lot of grunt work from the press- awesome. The questions that did get used were quite useful- talking about immigration policies, terrorism, global warming...yadda yadda- the usual stuff that they would blub though anyway- only the questions felt more unrehearsed, putting the candidates on the spot to answer and making them feel like they were better prepared...or something. The other videos that were unfortunately not selected to be used in the debate could be used to mock the poor attempt of many many losers who desperately need more attention. That is something that should be addressed! This kid was a favorite of mine- a future SBP himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iciS2bfb0I This kid is the classic example of a completely politically oblivious person- like me- only interested because they are using the most widely used internet movie database as a medium for a public discussion... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB1x94FuowU kids are making videos of themselves and watching them all day anyway... they might as well be pretending to care about politics now. I just happened to be watching TV at the exact time it was on- otherwise I wouldn't have caught it either! Black president, white woman president, pretty boy... it'll be interesting. I just hope they can live up to their promises-- I want better cafeteria food like the next kid.


  1. The only name you need to remember is Mitt Romney.

  2. So I watched a cool show that featured the Mitt-mobile! His sons (he has five)are traveling around the country in a souped up Winnebago to campaign for Dad. I actually loved the feature and the positive view of the Romney Clan and how they support each other and their dad. Very cool. Worth looking at.