Friday, April 1, 2011

the reason for my giddyness - mobbed!

when i saw the ad for this show, i tivoed it instantly...

this is just a fun idea for a reality show and, lets be honest, 
it's already something we know we like watching!

i was privy to a few fun flash mobs when i was in college, and they are just as fun to watch as they are to be in.  

these guys {howie mandel & crew}
figured that since we love watching flash mobs and surprise musicals so much 
(they are the most watched videos online!)
why not plan them even bigger and have a reason to do it 
(people share secrets/news via these musical parties).

they even used tabitha and napoleon, 
the choreographers from SYTYCD to make the dancing awesome. 

this is a preview of the first episode that aired last night. 
it was a proposal, including over 1000 dancers!!

yes, if you can imagine this chick's surprise... 
i hope she felt like she was in the middle of "enchanted" 
cause that is what it looked like!  

i was completely giddy and had the chills watching. 
how much fun for everyone involved!

this guy was pressured to ask her to marry him right there and then,
and they did!

it was so fun to watch, and i am sure it will be something they will never forget.
yes, i do hope he gives her a real wedding too...
so she can wear a dress that fits and invite lots of people and get lots of gifts...
but i am so glad it went so well.

i will be tuning in to watch this show weekly,
cause it makes me so happy...

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