Wednesday, March 30, 2011

biggest loser producers: ridin the gravy train

lets be honest:
the producers of BL this season are laughin all the way to the bank.  
this is just good television. the fact that there has been over 10 different team combinations since the start of the show has proved incredibly drama-inducing as the various team members form alliances and then are forced to break them.

it has been fun to watch as the certain contestants came to lose and lose big. namely, the tongans. we sure do love our tongans and we love the spirit that they have shown on this show thus far. moses and kaylee rock the house. and yes, kaylee tried to leave last week, and failed. and learned a valuable lesson.

yes we lost a great leader on the ranch because of her blunder, but hey- the good news is, that the "team spirit" at the ranch wasn't damaged much, and it made for yet again, a disney movie-ending to another heart-wrenching ep.  

you know what is just mean, btw? lets invite a 12th team to the ranch, and give them no help or guidance for a few months while the rest of the contestants shed loads of pounds, and then have them come weigh-in just to prove how much harder it is to lose weight on your own.... and then don't let them on the ranch. rude. just rude.

lets talk courtney.
this last week she and jen were sent off campus with a budget and a "menu" of things to purchase. they chose to go without a trainer and proved that, well, that was stupid.
jen ended up in the last place, and went home. side note: she looks amazing. 

but courtney. she is the fire that could take it all the way - and she would be a great spokes-person for BL if they let her. she did half of this at home already!

the producers of this show thought that rulon the "gold medalist" would be the coattails to ride them through this season, but it so far is the brillant move toward team comradery and lots of heart. in fact, rulon is proving to be a bit of a baby at times... and lost his "leadery" attitude recently...

i don't know bout you, but this show is making me want to harness my inner courtney or moses and get off my butt. just what this show should be doing!!

now that i have some baby weight to lose, it could get interesting around here...


  1. Love this recap, girl. This show warms my heart, I never miss an episode! Hooray for BL!

  2. Rulon is really starting to bug me. Tortilla chips? Puh-lease. Dude there are camera's everywhere. My secret wish is to be Jillian Michaels. I have some of her workouts if you wish to borrow them.

  3. K. first of all I was a little bugged that I didn't get to watch last night and then you posted, but it was a great show and inspirational still, even with the Rulon eating a bag of chips drama and the Red team bad "choices". I'm just saying, White team? What the? That was out of the blue. Why don't they come and talk to me and get me ready for the next season. I would join mid season and blow them away. Right. Peg, Right.