Thursday, April 7, 2011

i HEART conference

watching conference was inspiring {as always}
but when cc came home from priesthood meeting 
with a great quote from pres. monson's talk, 
i just wanted to make something. 
get it out of my system, if you will.

"choose your love, 
love your choice."

i listened to his great talk and notice's that a handful of others talked about love too.
it is fun when a different phase of life causes you to hear new things...
we heard a lot about marriage and love, but a lot about being parents.
it made for a happy day at the clifford house.
you can listen to all of the talks here.

so, in honor of my future bedroom redo,
and a current trend that i happen to enjoy,

gray + yellow subway art for our love room.

and i love it.

hurry future,
we need a house!