Friday, April 8, 2011

i am a printing press!

so i guess i was in the mood for the last little while, 
cause i have been busy "making things."

i found this on this etsy site and got me an idea:

so i just printed this, and i love love it!!!
once i figure out how i want it on his wall, i will post that too...

and for those who have asked,
here are the links to print these.  
i personally like the way they look on cardstock 
{you will ant true white} 
but of course you can print them at costco too.

downloadable 11x14
{some needed red, and i completely understand the need...}
downloadable 11x14

let me know if you have any other requests!


  1. Thanks for sharing Meg. I have to admit, I share your love of the gray/yellow theme. We got a fun gray kind of damask looking bedspread and I just haven't gotten around to the yellow accents yet. Maybe this will be my first! Love it!

  2. So fun. I always quote Elder Uchtdorf’s talk about us and our need to “create”- at least, that’s what I tell Mac after I have to change my house, make something new, or buy a new outfit pretty much on a regular basis lately. ;) can’t wait to see it hung in his room!

  3. Fantastic! The red one is for sure going in my house!!!

  4. I am pretty sure these are the cutest things EVAH! I think you should make some more cute stuff and put it on your blog so the rest of us non-creative people could benefit. Just a thought :)