Thursday, April 28, 2011

biggest loser dropout...

really, rulon?

i knew it would be him.

they were making a hype about someone walking out, drama drama...
i hope it was because he realized the pressure that this season was created for him
and loosely based on his success.

now, producers made a bold move to bring back tara 
{from a former season} to challenge rulon.
that never should have happened, i agree.
tara won the challenge and rulon was rightly ticked about it,
in fact, i am positive the producers thought he would win 
and it would help their michievious plan...
but the bottom line:
when you get on the biggest loser, you stay on the biggest loser.

i never understand the people that want to go home. i don't.
i get that you might be homesick, or you might take a hit to let someone you love stay there,
but those that think they can handle the mess at home and choose to,
without taking the full advantage of life on the ranch...
that just doesn't seem all to practical for those in the business of losing weight.
even if he is just ticked...

now, obviously we don't know the circumstances for rulon's dramatic exit.
he says it is some kind of "personal reason" and that's just fine.
but i hope it is a reason worth losing a spot on that show
and even better would be if he loses a ton more weight and sticks it to everyone...

kaylee is gone too, which, i am pretty relieved about.
as much as i like her, i hate seeing other players go home because she was rocky.
not cool.
plus, she looks great and has a much brighter look on life now that she is home and has a cute little show-mance goin on...

now that the voice turned out to be even radder than advertised,
and this next episode of biggest loser is the best of the season 
{makeover week!}
may 3rd, plan to party at my house.

well, at least party at yours...

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  1. I'm so glad that you posted stuff about the voice on here because I probably would not have check it out, but I did and loved it! So did my hubs so I think we'll be watching it each week thanks to hulu!