Tuesday, April 26, 2011

are you watching closely?

who is ready for the voice?

can we talk briefly about how much i have craved a show just like this.
the reason viewers are getting in to american idol more this year is because -
a) the judges are way cooler. b) there was some pretty good talent

having great judges that give real criticism to the singers is what makes it a real journey for them. they have room to improve and become something, rather than just knock a brittish guy's socks off or die. and it is just more positive. who wasn't getting sick of the feigned interest of the judges of idol past. and what was worse? they weren't singers!!

the past view weeks of idol have proved why it is such a frustrating show to watch.
america votes and send the best home, every time. (tears for pia and steffano- our favorites.)

the voice, takes the great judges idea, turns them into coaches, and suddenly the competition is like american idol meets celebrity apprentice. 

you can be fat, old, bearded, or just crazy wierd, but if you have a voice. you're in.
i love that idea more than anything.

an then, some of the best artists will take the singers
and help turn them into sangers.

nbc's the voice is tonight 9/8c
set your tivo or be sad you didn't.

man, tuesdays are going to be big around here now- 
the voice AND biggest loser?!
better watch that too, chia pet #2 is about to get the makeover of his life. 

oh what would we do without the good reality tv shows?
we would be forever stuck watching all those other ones... or housewives...

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  1. Even more of an excuse to get together for a tuesday par-tay