Wednesday, March 23, 2011

long-winded movie reviews: playing severe catch-up

movies i have seen recently that i have a few cents about...

king's speech

before you write this off cause it's rated R, the "family friendly" PG-13 version should be available if it isn't already.  though, i don't know that it is all that necessary as long as you are adults- there is a scene of swearing, and it is vital to the story... outside of that, sheer brilliance.  i get now why this one all of those oscars - not to mention - best picture! Colin Firth plays the king and he captures the role and the history so well. Helena Bonham Carter shows very well as his wife too.  I know- you are trying to picture her in a semi-normal character role... well, she is- and it is tasty.

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 5/5 - at least rent it... i might even need to own it...

social network
fascinating to watch.  i knew this one would win awards for screenplay- that is definitely what shines in this one- the way it evolves is too fun that you almost miss some really great acting jobs in there... i think that half the fun of watching the film though is just knowing how much this one kid has influenced the world as we know it now- what would we do if we didn't have a place to spatter all of the meaningless details of our lives to each other just so we have something to do at 2am?  {i will answer: i would go crazy- now that i am up 2-3 times a night for at least 20 minutes without anywhere to go, it is my saving grace.}

in my humble, yet correct opinion: 4.5/5 - also a renter...

classic case of denzel the hero just doing what he does in all of his movies.... but it isn't any less entertaining i guess cause they keep making em.  again the fun is that this story is based on true events.  i thought it got kind of slow in the middle... it does sort of feel like you are mindlessly watching the news after a while. but it was a decently entertaining action film. not one you need to own though.

in my humble, yet correct opinion: 2.5/5 - rent it.


we went to see this one in the theater a few weeks ago just before we had the baby... like a babymoon- since we know we won't get to see current movies for a long while. thank heaven for netflix i guess.  so this is another fun action one that actually surprised me.  usually i guess the plot in the first little bit and tick of my husband by doing so... but this one turned and i liked the surprise factor.  the characters don't gel perfectly for me, but the story is fun and drove me crazy not to know what was going on the whole time! liam puts out a great performance, and that one chick has a pretty decent accent, but other than that- i would call it an average man flick.

in my humble, yet correct opinion: 3/5 - can't really watch it more than once.

for the all-star cast that was in this movie, i am sad to say that it was not the sheer entertainment that i thought it would be.  it has moments, and it helps that all of the actors are great- but the story itself seems patchy.  it has an over-the-top/borderline campy action vibe to it that is fun as long as you know to expect it, but to have such an expensive cast, i would have paid my writers and editors to figure out how to keep some more depth to the characters.... you will enjoy it though- light-hearted man flick. sensing a pattern in movie choices lately?

in my humble, yet correct opinion:  3.5/5

life as we know it
 look at the cover. yep - that's exactly how it goes. there are few surprises here, but its not that you need many in romantic comedies... its charming though, and we enjoyed watching all of the baby humor now that it is so close to home. even when it was over, i couldn't tell if i thought the casting choices would have been my top picks for this one- but it works enough. cute chick movie- girls' night kind.

in my humble, yet correct opinion: 4/5
{ps- i try to rate chick flix as compared only to other chick flix...}

i hope you are watching good movies too!!

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  1. loved king's speech. i thought it was the cleanest "R" i'd ever seen. colin firth commented on the edited version and discouraged people from seeing it. but, if that's the only way someone will see it, well. loved life as we know it, but i wish katie would get cast as something other than the tightly wound, workaholic. she can do more, you know? also really enjoyed the social network and thought it was fascinating. huge crush on andrew garfield. haven't seen the others yet, but i will most definitely put them on my rental list.