Monday, February 28, 2011

what you missed @ the oscars

{and if you were wondering, it wasn't the hosts.}

it was, as my brother tweeted
"like the time i watched titantic with my mom in Jr. High: 
really slow and awkward during that one part."


the best part was the "musicals:"
watch, and then pee.

he doesn't own a shirt.
in case you were wondering.

yes, the best presenter of the night was billy crystal,
yes, he should have hosted.

though i have heard many others say that next year should be 
reese witherspoon, or sandra bullock, or robert downy, i would take kevin spacey...

please, oscar, spare me from anne hathaway in the future.
she just tries too hard.
{though i admit she did pull off quite a few stunning looks in her 22 costume/hair changes}

here was the opening with the hosts:
proof that they need a director to work it out.
it is mildly humorous,
but i wont go straight to funny...

and congrats to social network and inception 
for coming away with some of the technical wins...
well deserved, and i just didn't want king's speech to win all of them unecessarily.
my predictions for wins were pretty darn close-

check em out here if you wanted to know...

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  1. I agree with your review. My friend and I watched together, and we were so embarrassed every time Anne Hathaway would "whoop" into the mic when a celebrity walked onto the stage.. um, I'm guessing she isn't friends with any other film actors as she can't control her excitement in such a moment?
    We also both hope Billy Crystal recognized the error of his ways in leaving the successful hosting gig behind - both by suffering through the hosts of the evening and with the subtle, well Bob Hope hosted how many times? film - you still have plenty to go sir until you come close to catching up with Bob Hope, hint. And, you may agree, we are much obliged to whomever coached Natalie Portman and left out the shout out "Guess he wanted to sleep with me after all" as part of her acceptance speech.
    What a night!