Wednesday, February 23, 2011

biggest losers - who's your fave?

well, i do love the moms on the black team...
 and though this was amazing...

i love deni and her daughter sarah...
{deni looks amazeballs by the way}

 these guys were the champs for me last night:

kaylee and moses 
{who graduated from BYU...}
he knew this week would be hard with a red line, 
and he too wanted to save his daughter...
but instead of falling on the sword 
 and gaining weight like the parents on the other side- 
he taught her to fight even harder
he woke her up early every morning and they upped the workouts...
they both put of great numbers and were safe.
that's how its done!

my other favorite from the beginning:


she lost over 100 pounds before she even got here and hasn't wavered even for a second her her determination to crush this thing. 
she is looking great, she is positive
and i can only imagine how much is is helping the others there...

so, who are your favs?


  1. I'm really enjoying this Biggest Loser because the back biting and such seems to be down. I agree with you on the parental help. I loved how he said that in the future the parents won't always be there to help bail their children out. I think Moses and Kaylee are my favs.

  2. Courtney all the way!! She's been my top choice since the very beginning. If we were in the same city I would want to be her friend!

  3. Deni and Sarah were in our ward when we lived in CA and I was really good friends with Deni's daughter/Sarah's older sister Megan. I used to spend the night at our house all the time! Deni was always so nice, so I wasn't suprised at all when I saw what she did! ;)

  4. oops...I meant to say I spent the night at their house (not our house)