Monday, January 17, 2011

i heart award shows

slash love to find the hits and misses.
here is the brief recap...

angelina = hit, always.
great color, great era, and yes, she can even pull off the shoulder pads...

carrie underwood = stunning.

anne hathaway = shoulder pads?

just because it's giorgio armani, doesn't mean it's a hit. and what the skin-fabric on the back?

jimmy fallon = hilarious

the host was ricky gervais.
the opener was rough. for all of us...

it was a roast, minus the laughing...

[from an article in tv examiner:]

"Ricky Gervais came out swinging, and here are just a few targets of his jokes:
  • Charlie Sheen - Gervais made fun of his drinking ... and his love for adult film stars.
  • "The Tourist" - Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie probably didn't like Ricky trashing the quality of their film, that's for sure.
  • Hugh Hefner: Well, he may have had it coming for marrying someone sixty years younger.
  • Mel Gibson: Yes, he wasn't done yet.
  • Tom Cruise / John Travolta: It's hard to say which one Gervais was referring to, but he did insinuate that someone was gay."

scarlett johanssen - miss.

i think the hair puts it over the top, and the color is a bit wrong for her. some can pull off the "i look like i was made for a different time period"- look, and some look like they are trying to hard....

best supporting actor in a comedy or musical = 
chris colfer {kurt} from glee.

i have to say i was excited for the guy.
and he was cute up there,

"I think I just dropped my heart between Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore,
so if anyone sees that, please give that back to me..."

but i would have gone with eric stonestreet {cam} from modern family.
thanks for not making a huge political statement either, we all appreciate it.

ricky gervais = a bit of a miss, poor guy.
turns out making hilarious mean fun of people isn't all that hilarious...
though many of his roasts are true, 
there are too many in the crowd that take themselves too seriously to laugh....
{making fun of 40-year girlfriend gaps is one thing, telling great actors that no one cared about their film and they suck is another thing entirely}

personally, i thought hans zimmer should have won the best original score for inception, but alas, the social network wins out again...

best animated feature - toy story 3.
which i loved, whole-heartedly, and made me cry,
but i don't know if it beat despicable me...
best actress in a mini-series
claire danes {temple grandin}
who was a hit for me, btw. one of my favs - simple and elegant.
ps: i want to see that!
i keep hearing how moving it is

tiny fey/steve carrell as presenters
make me happy.
{why didn't they host the GG's!!}

screenplay = social network...
i would have said inception, but oh well...

supporting actress in tv show
jane lynch {glee}
the dress isn't a hit for me, but i think that is more her body-shape's fault. she almost could have done a pant suit and i would have liked it better...
"i am nothing if not falsely humble..."

best comedy or musical tv show

lea michele =  huge hit
i love that she just goes big. and sells it completely. she made me wish i was in that gown.

halle berry = hit. hello!
yikes, is she always hot or what? who really has that body and skin 100% of life?

best actor in a movie 
paul giamatti
{barney's version}
didn't see it, but he's bril, 
and maybe depp had 2 chances in this one...

best actress in a movie {drama}
natalie portman
{black swan}
natalie portman = hit. and prego, no less.
she is adorable and charming. always.

sandra bullock = hit. 
minus the bangs.
her look is a lot sadder than last year though- when she stole the show. she obviously didn't want to be too noticed. and considering her life this year, i guess that's understandable.

best actor in a movie {drama}
colin firth {king's speech}
that i keep hearing is a serious must-see...

julia stiles - hit

she pulls off this cut so well, and her hair is classy. i dig.

 olivia wilde - hit
she is just sassy, love that she just went with the full fluffy dress. stunning.

helena bonham carter- i think she tries hard to miss. and wins.

just disgusting.

and the other prego of note- jane krakowski {30 rock}
hit for me!

lets be honest, only movie starts can rock the prego bod this well.

till next time...

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  1. 1. The movie Temple Grandin is FANTASTIC. You will not regret the time spent to watch it.

    2. I have to admit I do not like Natalie Portman's dress in the least.

    3. But I do love Jane Krakowski, Lea Michele, and Olivia Wilde's!

    4. This review makes me want to go to the Golden Globe's next year! Great recap!