Wednesday, January 19, 2011

biggest loser 1.18.11 - PUNKED ***spoiler alert***

i titled this episode, "punked," but before i esplain,

first things first,

can we talk about how rad i think the new trainers are?
i want to learn to box and fight as my form of training... i think they are getting the far better end of the deal too cause they are learning to be "fighters" mentally and that is keeping them more focused during work-outs...

plus- how can you cheat out of a fight- if you stop fighting, you die. 
haven't you seen rocky?
{i actually haven't... don't judge.}


i would like to discuss how much i love the cast this season.
they are all team players {so far} and no one is crazy concerned about playing the game.
{we can talk about our favorites next week...}

the first challenge was proof of that, when the "unknowns"
just decided who would win the "balance-your-egg-on-the-back-of-a-skillet" challenge.
after it began, they counted to 3 and tossed their eggs over the wall where the "ranch" players were. leaving one player to win a 2 pound advantage.
it was awesome.

then the "ranchers" did the same with their challenge, 
 obviously meant to get some back-biting started, 
and they just decided who should have the only vote at the weigh-in and gave it to her....
also awesome.

so far, the producers have been punked
cause these players are here to lose weight and want to do it together...
they call each other out, they force each other to meet goals,
they are all rock stars...

until we hear one of the mustache twins tell us he would rather be home with his daughter...
then things get hairy...

at the weigh in- 
BOTH of the twins GAIN 9 POUNDS!!!!!
unheard of.

naturally, everyone is disappointed and upset cause you really have to work at it 
to gain on the ranch.

the daughter-hungry twin went home 
and seems to be more motivated there anyway,
so i am happy for him.
but sheesh, really? 9 pounds...

 the show was punked.
now, he gets to be home where he wants, and still battle it out for the $100,000.
well played, i guess.

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