Friday, October 8, 2010

two men i love

member when i was in love with this man?

news flash: still not over him.

decided it was time my boyfriend and i went to see him together.

seeing as he is kind of a big deal to us both.

in fact, the night he finally asked me out
we had spent the evening as we often have over the years, swapping music.
this time, i was introducing him to my love of jason. jason mraz.

in fact, if you want to get really sappy...
here is a clip of "our song"
from the wedding video. aptly named, lucky.
[skip to like 2 min to get to the song...]

early this week, while cc was at work, i sent him this

to which he replied,

"do it!!!"

so tonight for date night,
and possibly one of the last times we will get to do something like this after the
little bean pops out,

we will be holdin hands to jason, with jason for a change.

here is a clip of one of my favorite songs

 proof of why he is so fun in-person
and one of the few that is actually better live....

happy date nite!

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