Saturday, October 9, 2010

one of the reasons to love fall...

i went to a "favorite things" party the other night.
(fabulous idea, btw)

everyone brings 3 of one of their favorite things 
and you draw names and get to give them away...

[of course that means you inherit 3 new things too!]

loved it- so many great ideas and cute things!
and its like christmas in october!!

of course, you know what i brought...

[and mine was nothin next to the cleverness
these chickas cooked up!]

bring it on fall!

ok, don't judge if i accidentally bought 4 times too much of this stuff.... 
[seems i am a bit 1-track minded these days]


  1. ok i recognize this may be borderline stalkerish, but i just have to ask for more details about his favorite things party. i am thinking of throwing one here and i was just wondering if you could give me a few more detes. thanks!
    i love your blog, by the way. you crack me up.

  2. April- couldn't find your blog, so hope you see this here. :(

    So- it was way fun- everyone brings 3 $5 things (there were lots of various food things and combinations, but some got pretty creative with discount items they love too...) When I came in, she had me write my name on 3 slips and drop em in a bowl. Then the bowl gets passed, you pick 3 names and give your 3 things to those people. It was so much fun and I got so many Christmas ideas!