Friday, October 29, 2010

project runway finale - no one asked for my vote!

finale. final 3. 

gretchen, mondo, and andy.

when all of the cast gets back, they spend the first 10 minutes of the show watching recaps of the 3 and their journey, and the cast members turned a little housewives of new jersey. this cast has a pretty mix of real and completely fake.  i feel like having the variation of personality and walks of life make for some great tv.  gretchen is a hippie that can't take criticism, but i feel that we have seen a real side of her that we haven't in the past- and it is refreshing. [her clothes are still butt-crazy ugly...] the various shades of gay going on really added to the fun too- some are just plain girls, but a lot of them were able to keep it real and make the large group moments unforgettable.  there were some peeps that had a specific look they stood by [mondo, andy, gretchen, april, ivy...] and a few that were lost the whole time! [casanova, peach...] 

still the favorite is mondo. everything he does is clean and yet wacktastic.  i wish there was a world that would allow me to wear his clothes. 

gretchen goes into the finale with a lot of boring clothes that aren't as chic as she thinks they are....

and then there is andy that has a few looks to be afraid of, but generally, his collection looks tight and ready for go.

[this is the part of the show where i always think of my mom.  she's a seamstress and has done costumes for quite a few shows and helped me make a lot of formals...etc.  this is the calm before the storm- before someone jumps in and tells you that everything you have done is "almost" there.... and yet, this frustration is probably why i so love this show so much...through the drama is this moment that i can totally relate to.]

these three have 3 completely different looks, so it was inevitable that this would be a subjective judge battle... can't please everyone ya know.

obviously it came down to gretchen and mondo. but as the judges explained- she is the salt and he is the sugar.  they were nothing like each other!!  this is why this type of show makes me so mad- 

heidi and a slightly puffy jessica simpson argued for mondo and explained they would actually wear their clothes!  when i think of one that should win project runway and be in the eye of the public, i think it should be the design that consumers can see themselves in.  we all thought mondo had this, and maybe he should have.

[side note: why is it- that when i look for fotos of this event.... i can't find any of the clothes or the designers, but a page of what jessica simpson was wearing. i want to puke.]

gretchen's african hippie looks really aren't for everyone- and they are not the type to look all that great on a hanger. but they looked ok the way she styled them. minus the copious amounts of diapers represented... truth be told, the real winners were her designed jewelry pieces.

the good news at the end of the day is only the following: 
gretchen needed this. she has no money, and no future outside of this. and if these guys didn't think her stuff was awesome, she might have trouble convincing buyers and manufacturers. cause lets face it- they aren't cute.

mondo and andy will definitely have peeps to buy their clothes- cause they are wearable.  they also have enough support to get by until that happens.  [in fact, i think he needs to get on kickstarter - that one site that people can donate to your project... then it would be funny to see him get so much support from fans and blow down the fashion world- minus the help from project runway...]

i think they could have made a mistake...
and i wish i could vote...
on the other hand, i know about as much about the fashion world as jessica simpson.


  1. agreed! Gretchen must not realize that real women have thighs, Andy must have forgotten all his bras/pasties at home (my dad commented that the censor guy must have had a lot of fun censoring his tops for tv ha ha) Mondo's was just fun and spunky. As lame and fashion-less as I am I would have worn a few of his tops. Jessica Simpson talked like she had her jaw wired shut and her wisdom teeth pulled out within the past few days of taping. I am excited to see what happens to Mondo though, it should be exciting.

  2. That's what I'm talking about! I got so tired of Gretchen and tell us she had no money. She acted like she knew what was wrong with everyone's work but hers. I am afraid that she now think she can do no wrong. Keep an eye on Mondo, we haven't seen the last of him.

  3. Ooh, ooh, I beg to disagree about Miss Simpson. Remember she was fighting for Mondo, proving she does know a thing or two! (And I may or may not own and love a pair of her shoes.)