Tuesday, September 28, 2010

premiere week

the first week of fall tv was a great success.
it's like a holiday week.
and with the weekend of great football,
it was even betta.

i picked up a few new shows:


they solve crimes.
big surprise. crime fighting is the new "aliens" these days.
the twist here is that this guy is a writer-
so he can creatively and intuitively write the story as he goes
and solves crimes almost better than the cops.
good stuff.


this one is the reverse of prison break.
in fact, a lot of the same characters are in it.
should be fun- its not one big long story though,
they catch a guy each time.
it's more like house in that way-
new story- new episode.
could be good.


this one has some potential.
did i laugh as hard as the premiere of 30Rock or Community?
but this could be the bump, set, spike to jazz up your comedy line-up.
we shall see.

to end the week of greatness,

a fabulous ucla game.
this here is cousin kev- after his 34 yard touchtown run.
pretty cool to watch from his house.

the win was a huge upset, and ended texas's home winning streak.
deep in the heart.

yes, i am still watching byu football,
[not pictured]
though it will be painful.
perhaps even for another year or two as all the babies grow up some.
they are on a 3-game losing streak- most under bronco since 2004.

i know it looks like my life is spent in front of a tv.

...no comment.

happy BL night-
recap tomorrow in case you miss it!


  1. Meg- Castle is our favorite show! My husband even leaves school early on Monday nights to make sure he is home in time to watch it. Go catch up on the first 2 seasons... you won't be disappointed!

  2. Castle is Collins favorite show! It's one of the few (along with Chuck) that we watch together every week. Stay on it with Castle, he's freakin hilarious!