Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BL recap 9.28.10

last week,
2 of 3 per city made it to the ranch.

today, 2 came back.
aaron and elizabeth

he could be a fave, and she didn't finish the challenge last week
due to an asthma attack.
welcome back.
first workout, of course is a killer:

tina (purple), 58, flew off the treadmill,
 rick (green), 54, kept passing out and had to sit out for most of it...
almost everyone puked.

then, one of my favorite parts-
the doc tells em their "real age" and what is wrong with them
(other than the obesity)

it is a great wake-up call and
i love that they get to find out right when they can change

"i want them leaving this gym, a friggin mess."

first weigh-in is sprung on them on day two
yellow line is right down the middle - 

mark (black), 30, gets up and lost 41 freakin pounds!
(first one weighed in!)

rick (green), 54, only finished one of the 2 workouts...
dropped 36 pounds!  
(he is in the running for our fave- cute old guy with short arms...)
and he was the most weight lost (percentage)

"i didn't even get to say goodbye to 350!"
-jesse (orange), 27
after losing 30 pounds.

rick gets to pick one of the 8 to save,
the rest have to compete in a challenge

"as long as this challenge doesn't involve sitting down, 
at a sewing basket, sewin stuff, i got this in the bag."
-patrick (green), 
and the only male below the line.

rick saved patrick
so the women were not competing against him...

the first elimination is settled with multiple sprints.
the last two to lose are up for the vote.
burgandy(who, yes, is mormon), 35, made it through...

tina (the oldest) vs. allie (the youngest)
are up for elimination

allie gets the boot.

but i think she will do ok at home.
she has already lost 60 pounds since she has been home.
and she climbed a rock wall with danny
(last season winner that now looks like woody, and my personal fave)
it will be fun to see her at the finale.

you better be watchin!

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  1. K. First, I love that they changed the program up alot. Second, there are some interesting people, burgundy might be the new joelle, check that attitude at the door girl. Third, 41 pounds? Who does that? I am so working out with Bob this week.