Tuesday, August 24, 2010

long-winded movie review - inception

i had a dream saturday night.
something bad happened and it was so real it scared me.
i ran to find chris (in my dream) , and when i did,
i grabbed him by the face and said,

"this is a dream!
we just watched inception yesterday remember!!!"

i woke up and was still thinking about the friday night daze from this movie:


sure, the acting was fun - the characters mesh well
and dicaprio and ellen page are delightfully complementary.
also stars Marion Cotillard and Ken Watanabe.
it was obviously well-cast.

truth be told,
you won't really notice the acting.

if you are not watching closely,
you may not even catch some of the crazy effects.
destruction + matrix + crazy

star player here:

the plot is so juicy and sucks you in.
at first you think, "it's a dream!"
but there are some components that raise the stakes and give me
the nervous back pain just like the end-of-the-world type movies...

it's one of those movies that you will see and remember
you will walk out of there and contemplate it for hours and days (apparently)
and don't be surprised if you start to dream differently.

it's that good.

in my humble, yet correct opinion: 5/5
rent it or own it? i might just need to own this one.

(and that is because you may need to see it 5 times to catch all the detailed fun)


  1. it was awesome. i think i only understood it on a very low level. if i think too hard about it, my head hurts. i loved joseph gordon-levitt, he's so cute! did you read how that he did that insane zero-gravity fight himself, no stunt double? crazy.

  2. Agreed. both the blog and the above comments.