Wednesday, August 25, 2010

book review - the help

thanks, angela for recommending this book to me.

i absolutely loved it.

the writing is fabulous - which is refreshing from a first-time novelist.
she was raised in jackson and draws from her experience to create characters dripping with reality.

the last half i think i read in less than 2 days.
it is so interesting to read in our society now though and gives a different perspective on
what racism looks like then and now.

the real story is about fighting ideas and it is powerful.

of course, i was casting the movie in my head, wondering who they'd choose.
of course it is already in production though- as any good story gets snatched up.
most of the cast are no-namers, which will make it that much better, i think.
though i still wish my jennifer hudson could star this one...sigh.

last time i asked,
i got some great recommendations from you so i have a few on my list:

girl with the dragon tattoo
prayers for sale
the shack
a new earth

what else should i read??

[side note: since this last week was date night for him.
i will be draggin the man to see eat pray love this weekend.
pretty excited about it. even though i know it can't possibly live up to the book...]


  1. This is my next book in line. Glad you loved it and glad you wrote your review. Now I am totally excited to read it. :) You've read the Hunger Games series right?! Get on it!

  2. SO glad you liked it! its def one of my favs this year. i had no idea there was a movie coming out. Let me know if you like dragon tattoo- it's my fav series i have read in a while, but its WAY different than the help. xoxo and i agree the hunger games is good too.

  3. My heart skipped a beat when I saw you read The Help. Made me fall in love with reading. Never considered myself much of a reader before. I'm with ya- second half read so fast! Glad you liked it. You should read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Funny name. Great Book. Took awhile to get into it (it's a series of letters sent back and forth- those ones always take a bit to get into), but then I couldn't put it down. You will love it!