Wednesday, June 16, 2010

long-winded movie review times two - cartoons!

my team says i am "wholesome"
and that may or may not be cause cc and i spend our weekends
watching charming animated films, baking our own wedding cakes,
and meeting friends at the malt shop (well, frozen yogurt)

a few weeks ago, we went to see Alice in 3D as a matinee on a Saturday.
apparently you can't see Alice in 3D as a matinee on a Saturday.

so, the stubborn 3D movie-goers that we are,
we decided to go to this:

how to train your dragon
(in 3D)

and, i have to say,
we were incredibly surprised.

i was very entertained by the 3D,
the animation was pretty great,
and i thought i would hate the viking and dragon stuff,
but alas,
i loved every minute.

it is bright and colorful, and just funny most of the time.
we left smiling, glad to have paid the few dollars for the entertainment.

side note:

my feelings on men getting married:
pretty much so they can see all of the girly movies they always wanted to see before,
but would look sort of "off" if they went without the girlfriend/wife that "made" them go...

feelings on why parents have kids:
pretty much so they can go to all of the kid flicks that they want to see
and blame it on the kids that really wanted to go...

just my thoughts...

well, we also recently saw
this movie:

the princess and the frog
(old school animation)

now, i know what you thought when you saw this preview,
i did too:

"what? old school animation?"
"Wow, Disney is a little late trying to get a black princess in the mix!"

cause i do believe both were purposefully chosen.
and i do think the animation was the only way to really say there is a black princess in the mix.
and she deserves to be there for many reasons.

this throw back to classic animation days
and musical cartoons like the good ol' days...

makes me smile the whole way through.

maybe it is anika noni rose, who just wails
(one of the Dreamgirls, and played Nala in Lion King)

maybe it is that the music is catchy that i sing in the car,
maybe it is that i love the story shift from older princess movies...

this princess works her tail off to be one!

and i could never imagine another place to set the story of
princess and the frog.

it was meant to be in the bayou of the South
and with all the funk of jazzy beats and color that come with it.

like it or not,
i will probably have to own both of these flicks.

uh, cause my kids.
yeah, they need them...


  1. I loved How to Train Your Dragon! And I only just recently had a chance to sit down and watch the Princess and the Frog and I think it's my new favorite Disney Movie. I agree we have children to watch all the cartoons we want because I say that same thing al the time. All my nieces and nephew know that Christmas and Birthdays mean movie tickets for them, and an afternoon with me. I don't have any kids yet so I steel the family ones for the day and eat candy/popcorn and watch Disney Movies with them.