Saturday, June 19, 2010

long-winded movie review - karate kid remake

you and i both had a crush on the first karate kid.
don't even try to deny it.

but this karate kid remake proves one thing:
jaden smith has a future ahead of him

i will be honest, initially, this was one of those,
"oh, ok dear, lets go see a movie that you want to see"

but i absolutely enjoyed it and would own this.
(i might even go as far to say i like it better than the original...
but that may or may not be blasphemous...)

best features:

* jackie chan character is priceless -
so different from some of the dumbed down guy movies he's played in.
this guy has depth - great performance
and the chemistry between him and the kid is fun to watch.

* music - from the beginning i was dancin -
the credits feature a song jaden wrote himself.
that just makes me smile.

* parallels to previous karate kid. look for em.
some are subtle,
but because i was raised by men, i caught em.

* end credits feature very cool fotos of the production
with jada pinkett and will hangin out the whole time.
they were the producers of the film.

watch your tail end for this jaden kid -
he's coming on up.

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