Wednesday, March 17, 2010

two things on this fine day of celebrating green


i heart all things green.
there, i have said it.

i am scottish even.
went to the highland games and everything,
but i love march
and wear green every day to celebrate my love for it.

i would also like to speak of my boldness to
venture forth in the style world...

this weekend i shopped with my sister
and did something i thought i would never do:
i bought some leggings

now before you get all crazytown on me,
let me explain:

i hated leggings.
i hated that they come from the eighties,
i hated that i secretly love them but
never thought they would be cute on such a body as my own...
(those skinny chicks always seem to pull off that crap)

i put them on with a cute little black-n-white dress
and some serious fun flats,
walked out of the door with a tinge of nervousness
[like the day i ran our of the house in capris and bobbed hair for the first time
on the last day of 8th grade.]

[side note: i should explain that i remain conflicted
about most legging-use. many are guilty of misuse,
especially if they are metallic or something...]

my employees validated me,
and i wished my more style-prone friends
(e.g. linz, rose, calli...) could have seen it...

all the while, i feared husband's reaction...
i have practically preached the legging negligence at our house.

i am proud to report:
he loved them.

welcome, meg.
glad to have you back in the
"who-the-hell-cares-what-you-wear" world.

and happy st. patty's to ya'all

i will be wearing green and taking my green cupcakes to school.
i feel like it's my birthday.
no, it's better.


  1. 1. Happy GREEN day to you: the lover of all things green. (well, you and Hilary Hansen)

    2. Remember those 8th grade capris? And how we split the cost of them to share them, but mostly because we were both nervous about them so if we only paid half it wouldn't seem so bad? And how we also bought our first purses that day- tan, long strap, tiny enough to fit girly items and nothing else? I miss our awkward junior high years.

    3. I'm sure you looked adorable in your leggings. (if you say legginGS instead of leggiNS, they're less 80's, in my opinion).

    4. I am now experiencing the marvel of dresses all the sudden being too short in the front because of a portruding belly, so I need to invest in some leggings for myself. I wish I could pull off the colored ones. They look fun!

    5. Go ahead and imagine me in some maternity leggings. With nothing covering them.

    6. You're welcome.

  2. you are cute. and funny. and stylish! go girl.

  3. I totally remember that day in 8th grade. Also, didn't you and Alisse share them? I think I remember something like that. Funny.