Sunday, March 7, 2010

long-winded oscar nite review

my thoughts:
[which prove that this blog is way more about my need to write than your need to read...]

who cares about the twilight kid- could he even act?

did neil patrick harris really just sing that really lame song?
that. just. happened.

alec baldwin and steve martin- great match-up
i am loving the roasting of all of the actors...

but why is george clooney so ticked at life?
what a jerkface.
{some confused non-english speaking chick that he pretends to like for the cameras...}

miley cirus...
can't you just stand up straight...?!

UP wins for best animated feature.

shouldn't be.

then we have an homage to 80s films including
that macaulay culkin kid whose face blew up.
didn't know he could get uglier.
guess so.

ben stiller in the blue avatar make-up
equals pretty great.

best supporting actress...
that one chick form the precious movie...
"thanks for awarding a good performance and not politics..."

ew... i so don't care about the twilight peeps-
she. can't. act.
or announce for that matter....
sorry, i know many of you like them...
but that kid looks like a white kid injected with monkey and asian...

saundra bullock-
looks stunning.

james taylor mo to tribute the dead.
i heart that.

oh- and a pretty rad dance
to tribute to the scores.
and i cried to the UP part...
and it won.
[for it's fab score. duh]

george clooney is a huge bass.
who knew he was so arrogant?

jeff bridges wins best actor for crazy horse
after a great tribute about being such a great family man, husband, and father.
i do like that kind of positive PR.
married 33 years, 3 kids.
gotta love it.

i think the best actor/actresses are like the prom king/queen
of the oscars...

and george clooney, the arrogant bass, is ticked.

sandra bullock wins her first oscar for blind side
a delightful upset.
"did i really earn this, or did i just wear you all down?"
[me... crying watching one of my favorites]
she thanks her mom for making her practice
and her "lover" meryl streep.
i love her realness and her charm

{meryl streeep, by the way, was fashionably wearing her robe and curlers...}

first woman to win best director....

and then best picture for hurt locker.
a movie i will probably need to see soon.

what an enjoyable evening...
i can't believe you read all of that.

go get a life... and go to bed.


  1. I didn't watch it, probably because I haven't seen/heard of most of the movies so I'm very much appreciative of the recap!

  2. wasn't sandra so cute? i loved her speech. i'm so glad she won.