Tuesday, December 15, 2009

mac + cami + kenna + elle

sunday was perfect lighting for about 1 hour.
this hour.

such a sweet family.
i can't get enough of em.

they made it through with only one 2-year-old melt down

thanks, guys.
that was fun


  1. so so cute!! They look great! Agreed: cute family :)

  2. That littlest one looks so much like her dad! Love the attachment to the sippy cup!

  3. Way Cute Photos! and i'm not healthy during the holidays- its a rule. i work out all year to eat ALOT of sweet things during this season :)

  4. Thanks MEGS! We are so grateful! I also love the borders. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  5. SO Cute. Great use of the good lighting.

  6. These are cute, Meg! I see a lot of your personality in the photos. And a lot of the subjects' as well. Very cool. I can't believe how big these Moffat families are getting!