Sunday, December 13, 2009

biggest loser finale recap!

you know i am far too into this show...

if you missed it, watch this-
it pretty much covers all of the best highlights.

danny was my favorite by the end.
the non-game player, good guy that cries when things matter.
and they always matter.
glad he did it. fair. square.

loved that tracey didn't win anything, but lets face it,
aside from her slight loss of hair,
she looked pretty dang good.
and i almost can't hate her anymore,
cause she doesn't even resemble the person we hated...

becca-- kind of p-sycho, but looked amazing.
not sure aboutgoing blonde for you though sweets.
and apparently she's into dan for a few minutes...
we will see if that lasts.

and rudy.
he looked amazing and so did amanda and so did abby!
and come on, we all called that antoine and alexandria would get engaged...

this video is missing the fact that shay gets until the next finale of 2010 to lose all she can...
she will earn a $1000 for every extra pound she loses!!

i love this show.

and the update on our own at-home winner:

close to 20 lbs for peg,
and about 10 for me.

she's going to be smokin.
watch for the second foto shoot when we hit 50!


  1. Go Peggy go! (7 days.) :)

  2. Ya, you guys both look great! ...and I was really happy about Danny winning.

  3. I too was Thrilled that Danny won. When he lost 59 pounds in 60 days at home I was just floored.

  4. Dah! Such a GREAT finale... even if Rebecca... was... er.. 'blonde' (aka slightly psycho). But really, I would wrap my legs around Bob if I could. Mmmm, Bob. I envy the man who wakes up next to him (this isn't a 'family' blog is it? Ahem)