Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what is wrong with me?!

what happened to the day that i couldn't wait to show off my hilarious costume
and show up at some party and dance in the dark with other creepy people?

i don't know.

but halloween just makes me wish i had kids.

because, for some odd reason, we are in a
"lack of halloweenie mood" funk,

i am giving my husband a gift this year.

scary movies.
at the cabin.
(wish me luck)

[the only day a year that this will ever happen]

i used to care about this random, in-between holiday
that takes over the stores like it owns the place,
even if it was a hint of care.

costume's of fun meg past:

(i'm sure a series of princesses and fairies...)
cruela deville
spartan cheerleader
michael jackson
mary poppins
sarah palin*

new problem:

have to be something at work.
no ideas,
and even worse,
no motivation to be in the "dress up" spirit!

what is wrong with me?!

ps. if you have ideas,
or pictures/proof that fun meg once existed,
i want em.

*[word of the wise:
if you live in DC during election time,
do NOT be sarah palin and look and sound just like her.
you will get nearly shot in georgetown.]


  1. I've got some pics for ya. Fewer than I expected to have, but some nonetheless. I'll send you the Picasa link to 'em.

  2. If you dress of as a Chipotle burrito and then go there they will give you a free burrito. That pretty much solved our problem.

  3. Ha! That Sarah Palin bit in D.C. is funny!

    Come on, this year is the first year you can be one-half of the costume with Chris and it opens up all kinds of possibilities! Famous couples, favorite food duos, a math problem, you get the picture.

    Good luck!