Thursday, October 29, 2009

things that make me shimmy...

yes! bout freakin time...

[not pictured: all the long sleeves and sweaters i just retrieved from my mom's.
good thing this is 2/3 of my wardrobe and i live in phoenix...]

the only corner of this house that i can call my own...

"Snickers" Mix:

1 candy corn
(try the carmel ones...even betta)
2 plain [halloween colored] m&ms
2 peanuts


the view on the way home from work...

and the best yet,

jonathan parker moffat

8lbs 11oz 21in

my first nephew:

thanks, for the reasons to smile today.

i needed them.


  1. I love this entire post! I am shimmying up north and shivering as well. 31 degree weather you know, snow on the mount'n and cute baby Parker getting ready to come home. So excited and isn't he wonderful?

  2. I LOVE the video! I especially love his "look of content" during his hair shampooing. He is so flip'n cute! Love, Cam