Tuesday, October 20, 2009

miss you already...

this weekend i was in utah.

i played with these chicas while my sister-in-law
[sort of] patiently waits for baby parker to kindly step out of her body...

and we got to see jace play some hardcore soccer...

fotos by meg

then we heard cam's first recording.
she will most likely be a rock star....

I Am T-Pain by Smule: Only on iPhone

Listen to Cameron's latest recording:


[we were rolling, she is so good...]

miss you already!
thanks for letting me stay and play


  1. I love those girls to pieces! So glad you got to play with the RPM3's and see the game and record Cam's awesome song!

  2. Thanks for playing! We miss you already. Love you girl. Liked the sort of patient comment!

  3. yea-cameron is going to be a freaking star!-nusafed was hilar :) I'm sure we all can't wait for baby Parker (I can't so Lo must be going insane!)