Wednesday, October 14, 2009

deep thoughts by jack handy's niece

i am a woman.

but i have a bone to pick with my species:

i have been drinking more water lately,
which lands me in the little meg's room more often,
which leaves me with women in a public place to "do their thing."

this brings me to my question:

ladies, "don't we all pee?"

why do we insist on having noise in the restroom before we do so?
(you totally sit there and wait for the sink or a flush...don't even pretend you don't...)

are you afraid that someone will hear you making that revolting noise??

or worse?
what if they hear a "plop" sound?

you are dead meat you disgusting creature.

better hurry out before they see who it was that dared to move a bowel in public!

you know it's true.

you will find yourself in a restroom tomorrow silently reaching for the toilet paper...


  1. Ha ha. Meg, you're funny. Have to admit, though, it is true!

  2. haha...and if one is at home, they would just flip the switch for the air vent...