Tuesday, July 28, 2009

things that make me happy....

this may be one of our favorite gifts so far
(no worries. we haven't been able to use many.
what you gave us is surely our first favorite.)

yummy granny wheat recipe. mmm

thanks cc for reminding me that these exist.
artichokes are only 70 cals a piece and high in fiber...
that hollandaise isn't though...

these non-stick pans might be our other favorites.
fajitas on wheat tortillas, little oil, and tapatio. mmm

salsa we made with my brothers on sunday all from my mom's salsa garden.
grilled tomato and chilli and garlic...
where would we all be without my mexican brother to teach us these tricks...??

and lastly, whilst on our sibling spree
(no parents allowed, but we will use you while you are gone for your food and kitchen...)
mac made us some "sparkling watermelon"

that may or may not be all over the ceiling and floor still....
(click on this one for a laugh)

we love food.

good news is, i am back down to wedding weight!
(yes, i weighed in on my wedding day....)
still goin though,
dragging my husband to the gym as we speak...

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