Thursday, July 30, 2009

thank you america, finally...

next week will be incredible because we got it right this time.

we were so happy for evan.
they tried so hard to say the white guy couldn't hack it.
i mean, brandon's solo was beyond incredible...

and jeanine and kayla will be a fun match.

one of the top two will win it though.

i hope its jeanine, personally.
[now that janette, the real winner, is gone...sigh]

so thank you,
you've totally redeemed yourself, america.
unlike my horrible day last week,
i shall sleep with a giggly smile on my still dancin face.


  1. amen! I'm so happy that they voted right this time. It was just like last year with Will and even Gev when they voted Janette off. grrr. It's ok now tho :)

  2. I totally agree with every word just spoken. Jeanette deserved to win but Jeanine or Brandon are a good second choice.