Friday, June 12, 2009

time out for movies [slash] biggest loser!

ok, amid all of the wedding nonsense,

i have seen a few flicks & things that need mention.

i will give you the brief, yet thorough, ratings as usual,
and hold the long-windedness for now.
you got lucky today.


we saw this one weeks ago
in an attempt to sneak away and not think about
our homelessness and not-marriedness

kristen wigg is still genius
love that ricky gervais and greg kinnear.
cute plot
fun dialog
moments you have to watch twice.

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 4.5/5
need to own it? probably.

on the plane to hawaii,
the day after we wed,
we cuddled up with our ear phones for the in-flight flick
that i am happy to say was this one:

i will admit,
i wanted to see it before, but cc always seemed to be busy...

maybe it was just fresh material,
but we laughed quite audibly.
the acting isn't brilliant or anything,
the story isn't surprising in the slightest,
but it sure was fun to watch.
again, might be the whole, married-the-day-before thing though.

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 3/5
own it/rent it? rent it.
or don't. no one will care.

He's Just Not That Into You

lets talk about this rockstar cast:
all of the names are some serious fun people to watch,
Justin Long, Ginnifer Goodwin... fresh faces that make you smile

bradley cooper, you had me at alias.
i loved the book, made for great single conversations.
the dialogue is fun,
the 5 plot lines are fun to follow...

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 3.5/5
rent it? own it? maybe just rent it...

Gone in 60 Seconds

i know i know,
this movie is like 32 years old,
but i picked it,
(which made my boyfriend love me more)
so we watched it.

i see why guys like this stuff...
the fast cars, blonde angelina,
stealing fast cars....
totally hot.

goes too quick almost.
oh- and i love the lighting.
is that cheesy?
the coloring in this flick is fantastic.

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 4/5
own it or rent it? might want to own it....
that's all i will say about that...

The Damn Button Film

we have affectionately called this one the damn button movie
cause it just so freakin long!

who wants to waste 3 hours for a movie that all you hear of is
"it was.... weird...."

well, we got sunburnt on our honeymoon.
burnt real good.
so we needed that 3 hours of nothin but confusion on the tele.

worth the pay per view, i will give you that.
both brad pitt and cate blanchett were fabulous.
great performaces that they truly owned.
the make-up and effects are why you keep your eyes open though.

i know how hard the make-up is, and watching that kid get younger is fascinating.
you have to know how they do it!
the plot is weak.
thus why it didn't win an Oscar for the screen play or nothin
but at the end you still sit in awe wondering who writes this stuff?
and why do they get payed millions!

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 4/5
own it or rent it: rent it.
you don't have a time in your life for a repeat.


now, we can talk about great movie-making...

you remember this review i hope,
well this is why rob bought me this for my birthday,
because pigeons even know where the film industry is headed:
i know the "arena" well...
the setting, the characters... so familiar. yet in animation.
the dialog is great.
the "action" is way too fun.
i was skeptical, but loved every second!

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 4/5
rent it or own it? i own it, so you should.


do lets talk:


i will admit that i came home early from work

the day before my wedding so that i could get things done...

one of those things was to watch the BL finale that i had not yet seen.

i zoomed through the crap between weigh-ins and got jittery for Gerry...

lets be real,

gerry is awesome and who wasn't excited for him!

i really was so glad that helen did so well.

i know i know,

you think she is too skinny,

but she did it. and she's old.

and i just like that.

she was the underdog, not self-absorbed,

and literally worked her ace off to get it done!

again, i was inspired.

can't wait till the fall to do it all over again...

i plan to see another new movie or two this weekend

so i can tell you all about it.

heard that UP movie is a Nemo rival.

we shall see.


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