Tuesday, June 9, 2009


can we go back to this moment?

or perhaps this one?

out of our window...

ooh. this one:
we rented scooters on Maui.
cc says it was the best decision we made since we've been married.
it was.

sorry. he's sold.

so. i don't have internet quite yet,
but we're workin on it.

and our own bliggity blogger will be up soon...
to parade our adventures of home hunting/decor-ing,
and a little of the cheesy love stuff too

we are back at work and getting used to it,
but not quite.

i really just want to go back to this:

{Have a great Tuesday!}


  1. Oh, Hawaii looks amazing! I wish I could go back to moments like that...then again, I wish I had moments like that to go back to!! It looks like you are enjoying every mili-second of married life. Congrats again!

  2. You will spend FOREVER wishing you can go back to that moment, no matter how wonderful life is. Memories of the first week always seem to be the sweetest and most pure! Enjoy married life; it just gets better!

  3. I never comment on blogs - BUT GET THE WEDDING PICTURES POSTED ALREADY.

  4. Love the first photo. You don't need to be told anything. The picture literally says a thousand words.