Sunday, February 1, 2009

whelmed. still over it.

why is my life so great right now, honestly?

dancing was bliss.
these girls are hilarious- so fun.

and then, hows about a 3 for 3 sunday?
sitting next to some of my most favorite people in the world,
(i.e. parentals, sister, tom & gail earl...)
those ones that never cease to inspire me with their optimism through all the mud,
a girl can't help but sob a few hours thinking of how seriouslysoblessed life is.
a cathartic day already...

oh- and happy super bowl day!
(aka "the-only-day-for-many-that-we-will-all-pretend-to-care-about-NFL")

ps. uncle tom, you can come play with me anytime you want.

you make my heart happy.
and we are praying for you...

tom leaned over after the meeting and asked,
"you wouldn't happen to have 3.5 million dollars would you?"
i about wet my new dress...


  1. Loretta and RichieFebruary 1, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    O.K.... where to start...
    Tell Tom and Gail I say hi and that I promise to never go to law school. Unless of course I feel like losing everything and getting sued by a sex offender. So LAME!

    LOVE the outfits!

    Call me... I need an update. And I think you know what I'm talking about.

    How much do you charge to take pics like that... because (beg, beg, please, please) my girls need pictures taken and they happen to be there the first week of March (beg, beg, please, please).....

    Oh, and tell Rob the shots are awesome.

    Also, I happen to know of a great pic that would work wonders on your photos #2... from somewheres around the time I married Richie.... think lots of wire and a big gap:) You know I love you!

  2. #1 I can SO see dad saying that!!
    #2 I am gonna pretend I didn't see that last comment about going to law school and losing everything....considering we graduate from law school in May. lol
    let's hope it ends differently for the next generation! Glad you're having fun with them....if there is anyone who can make them laugh right now it's the Moffats!

  3. What are you doing in these outrageously fun bright comstumes? And may I add the your foto skills are awesome.