Sunday, February 22, 2009

my funny valentine...

sorry its late, but after starting work,
and then getting sick... and then taking care of BF that i got sick.....oops...

the best love weekend that i have ever had to date
went a little something like this:

friday night
(a la CC's adorable mother that i hope to adopt...)

morning of the 14th
@ CC's abode...
yes, those are heart-shaped

saturday evening
@ joshua radin concert of lerv....tasty!

just watch this and try not to drool...
one of his best songs
(the "oh great" is me)

what i found in the car when we got out!!!!!
yeah, that's right, he loves me...

sunday night
@ peg's SWEETHEART dinner.
fondue style:

what a love fest!

rest of the week = coughing/sneezing/dying/attempting to breathe...
but having someone there to take care of me...


  1. Yeah, I should have gone to that concert.

  2. I hope you don't mind me stopping by every now and then... I just had to comment about how CUTE you two are! You just look like you go together.