Monday, February 23, 2009

does he have a rad mom to boot? check.

maybe this martha stewart freak show of a brilliant mother
invited my mother and i to come to her stake mini conference...

maybe this is what it looked like!

(all of CCs family)

and maybe i got to meet Bette-Sue from biggest loser!!
(she spoke about the experience....
basically a stand-up hour.)

she's hilarious. we seriously bonded.
and this is when ali, my idol, happened to be on the phone.
rock stars.

made my week actually....
that's how much i love that show....
and ali vincent.

thanks darlene, so much fun!


  1. i bet she could pull off an amazing wedding reception with both hands tied behind her back.
    {sister cc - not bette-sue}

  2. That is your mans mom? marry him. In-laws make all the difference. Obviously, I love mine! Anyway, I LOVED Bette-Sue and Ali on BL. I am totally jealous you met her. So cool!