Saturday, January 3, 2009

what did YOU do on the EVE of 2009?

i am single. at home. no job. no life.

but i still know how to show myself a good time.

my eve looked something like this:

i love being home and cookin with dad... he is obsessed with the grill and his steak.
and i am perfectly fine with that.

we found some cheap huge chunk of filet and cut our own...
we are that hardcore.

this plus maybe 5 hours of next food network star re-runs...

don't judge me.

my fellow single friend and i (donelle) simply decided that the superficial social pulp of rambling with over 300 other singles on a night that for some reason just reminds me of how i am not on anyone's "i-wonder-what-she-is-doing-at-midnight" list
...wasn't a good idea.

exactly the right way to start the year i think!

besides—what did YOU all do? huh? HUH?


  1. Hmmm...that all sounds familiar. Probably cause I was there with you! Some may think, "Pathetic!" And yes they may actually be right, but sadly even with all those parties, sitting around and watching a marathon of the Next Food Network Star really was the most enticing offer. I mean...I really was so happy that Big Daddy won!

  2. When did you camera get into the kitchen? You are sneaky about photos, but very blogworthy post I might say and the steaks were two words - de-vine!

  3. But lookin at all that meat pre-grilled...I think I can still hear it mooing! It doesn't look quite as appetizing as the finished product haha. But Ma's right, it was de-vine! Thanks Pa for your obsession!