Monday, January 5, 2009

long-winded movie review #1 — 7 lbs

i have normally posted lengthy reviews
about my films on
the other blog. to no avail.
i started that one for a class and enjoyed it well.
it hosts my reviews on most of my
media findings of the past few years.
i think i will just keep you posted here instead.

i have a lot, so just you wait.

7 lbs

i will say this: if you are one that enjoys shows like LOST or maybe an M. Night Shyamalan movie that give you many things to question but few answers until the end when it comes all together in just a few minutes of either euphoria or complete dread, then you will enjoy this one.

it keeps you thinking. throughout the film you are left to guessing... what is it that they are they talking all around? why aren't they telling me?! but it is fun to piece together and the somewhat hard-to-believe circumstances are easy to follow when they circle one of the better male actors of our time: Will Smith. who just might get a nomination for this one. i guess we will know that on the 22nd though... (who is getting reading for the Oscars?: that would be me.)

the acting is great. the writing is great. if you are one to cry, and the four moffats seated in that room were definitely thus, it will make you tear some. it was like watching the Prestige. you will talk about it all the way home...

in my humble, yet correct opinion: 4/5
owner or renter?
perhaps a renter.
(it may be like the 6th sense, the novelty might wear off
after you know the facts from the beginning.
but you might need to see it a few times perhaps for that to happen.)

great flick. go see it. then let me know what you thought!


  1. You crack me up. I have been wanting to see this one, and from your description, I think I will like it. I will let you know... If I ever get out to see it that is...

  2. It was Okay but I just thought the whole story line was strange even though Will Smith did do an incredible acting job and I really liked the girl. But the main point of the story was weird but it was much better and more entertaining then, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button".

  3. jury's still out on this one for me...considering i haven't seen it yet...