Thursday, January 15, 2009

this week on (my) tv...

biggest loser, yes, i stayed up till 2 to watch the DVRed episode.

two words: in. tents.

that joelle girl has got to go. no one likes you or your snotty friend back home.

and quite frankry... jerry is my favorite, but i am glad he got to spend the rest of the time with his wife. cutest old man ever. couldn't be more proud.

a new show e-rob just got me hooked on:
friday night lights

donelle and i have needed shows to get us going and this has been a good one...
we decided it is basically like a football soap opera.  and therefore my new guilty pleasure.

oh and of course we caught american idol.  it is going to be a good season i think. and because God is good to us, he invented DVR which means we don't have to suffer through both hours of the awful embarrassment that is the squaking auditionees. i really would not be able to do that...

wow. i really have not watched this much tv in all my life combined, i swear. 
no i don't. well, sometimes i do... damn.  that doesn't count...

and maybe i will be watching three episodes of LOST in the next couple of days to get set for the 21st... 
look what my life has become!

no don't.  its actually quite depressing.  
the good news is i really am having fun in my transitory state.

joy in the journey member? 
clear eyes. full hearts. can't lose.


  1. I LOVE Biggest Loser. And I'm not crazy about Joelle, but I like Tara even less. Yuck

  2. Meg!!!
    I just found your blog and I am glad I did b/c I am thoroughly entertained. Thanks! Yay for being done with school. Are you staying in Mesa? I am moving there hopefully soon.