Thursday, January 15, 2009

long-winded movie review #3 — yes man

yes man!

in classic jim carrey fashion, the plot is based on a somewhat of a random supernatural-like force that jim can't control that throws him into fits of inconceivable situations... some of which will make you squirm far worse than when Hitch almost kissed that one guy.

its funny. sure. you will laugh... but it will give you the heebies in moments and you will realize it is more due to a faulty plot hole and poor writing than your ability to sit still or hold on to your moral values.

as a classic comedy with no other deep value to it, the highlight moments were that
bradley cooper and zooey deschanel, both we love, have fairly prominent roles in the flick. cooper comes straight from—duh—alias, and we love that. he has a handful of movies he is in this year/working on and i dont think this is the last of him we will see... watch out robert downey! jim's little boss from new zealand or wherever is quite hilarious as well... comparable to perhaps steve martin's random role as the homeopathic freakshow in baby mama. (also, a great flick, btw)

smiles all around, but not the best thing you will see. it does make you think about a positive approach to life and taking all opportunities that come at you. but that you can get from watching the warm and fuzzy trailer. as far as families go. no. i would not take my 10yr-old, or even my 16yr-old to see it. more just cause it would be awkward in those minutes of pure awkwardtown. if you are looking for mindless entertainment. go for it.

in my humble, yet correct, opinion: 3/5
owner or a renter: renter.

especially if you own "liar liar". you don't need two to see it twice.

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